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Prepreation: The Season Before

We have heard it said in 1st Corinthians 2:9-10

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 10 But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.”

We get very excited about this eternal truth, declaring “this is my season”. During a Sunday Celebration message Pastor Maxwell Ezonnaebi reminded us that there is a season before “The Season” called preparation. There are many things that take place during the preparation time that solidifies our foundation.

This article entitled “During a Season of Preparation” by Jake Kail outlines five things that happen during the preparation season.
1. There is pruning
Jesus said this in John 15:1-2: “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.  Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.”
Here is how I have recently come to define pruning: a painful process of purification and preparation. Pruning is not fun; but the end result is greater fruitfulness in God’s kingdom. If we submit to God’s process of pruning, we will come out on the other side ready to produce fruit.
It is important to understand that pruning is not punishment—it is preparation. A season of pruning actually indicates the capacity for greater fruitfulness.

2. There is Testing
Part of this pruning process is testing. Character is tested. Impurities in motive are brought to the surface. We are tested to see if we will be faithful with little things.
Paul admonished that those who take on leadership positions must not be “a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he falls into the same condemnation as the devil” (1 Timothy 3:6). Then he says that those who aspire to be deacons must “first be tested” (1 Timothy 3:10). As God brings us through a refining process, He is bringing us to the place where we can handle promotion. If we are promoted prematurely, pride may set in and cause us to fall.

3. You are “hidden”
The preparation process involves waiting. John the Baptist waited in the wilderness “until the day of his manifestation to Israel.” Joseph waited in prison, hidden away from society. Abraham waited 13 years for his promise from God to come to pass.
Though we are not in a literal wilderness, it is as if God hides us. We have true gifts, but they are undiscovered by many. We have a true calling, but we are not received by the church. We have a sense of vision, but we are waiting for it to come to fruition.

4. Your influence is limited
During a season of preparation, you may have influence, but it is limited.
David was called to be king—the most influential person in Israel. The prophet Samuel anointed him and declared that he was God’s choice for the next ruler of Israel.
After this he was launched into difficult season of preparation. King Saul became obsessed with trying to kill David, and so he was often on the run and in hiding. During this time a group of 400 men gathered to him and he became their leader. His influence was real, but it was limited to a much smaller number than he would influence when he became king.

5. Your gifts are restricted
In the season of preparation your gifts begin to emerge. But they are limited by your circumstances, environment, and sometimes those above you in leadership. It is normal during this time to be in a situation that is not ideal for your gifts to function.
Joseph’s gifts were real while he was in Potiphar’s house as a slave, and while he was in the prison. But they were restricted by his environment. One of the reasons for this dynamic is that in a season of preparation God is often doing more in you than through you.
We cannot control the seasons. We cannot make the season of preparation end by our own will or desire. But we can cooperate with God in each season and trust Him to faithfully bring us to the next!

Preparation is a season that must not be skipped or taken lightly. Pastor Ezonnaebi reminded us that “preparation is the prerequisite to greater.”

Join us in the journey of preparation at New Destiny International.


God’s Gift

 God’s Gift


As Jesus walked down the street carrying

Our lives on His shoulders,

When He carried His cross to His death.

His followers weeping uncontrollable for

They knew His spirit was pure and full of love for all,

Even for those who condemned Him.


As the nails were pounded into His hands

He looked up to His Father and prayed for

Those who were tormenting and taunting Him.

His death to free us from sin

Was a true sign that love can be unconditional.

He did not look at the person that stood

In front of Him,

Rather the spirit within the person whom He spoke with.


Why is it that the Lord had an open heart

And died for us with only love

Flowing through His spirit.

Yet we as a people are judgmental and

Always questioning the motive of our

Fellow man?


Was not the death of Christ

God’s only son enough of an example for us to follow

To look into the hearts of people

Giving them encouragement to succeed?

For life is a challenge

And no one can make it alone.



By: Mary E. Geffre

March 2003

He Loves Me

He Loves Me

Hiding in a corner

Little did Little Girl know

Her mother felt like a foreigner

Not knowing where to go.

Watching her mommy's tears

Just fall upon her face

Little Girl felt God near

And so cheerfully sang,

"Jesus loves me

This I know

For the bible

Tells me so.

I know He's real

'Cause it is true

Jesus loves me

He loves you too."


Sitting on a swing

Little did Little Girl know

Her best friend was getting bullied

She watched the tears grow.

Her best friend ran to a fountain

And cried her eyes out

Little Girl jumped high as a mountain

As she sang outloud,

"Jesus loves me

This I know

For the bible

Tells me so.

He'll dry your tears

My mommy's too

Jesus loves me

Loves me and you.


In the middle of school

Little did Little Girl know

Her classmates trying to be cool

But she saw the hearts that broke.

She spoke with a few

Although it was hard

But we all know what she'll do

And here's how she'll start,

"Jesus loves me

This I know

For the bible

Tells me so.

He loves you too

For who you are

He loves me and you

Like shinny stars."


In the center of my heart

Little did Little Girl know

That she can change every part

Of how this world will flow.

From her cheerful smile

And the words she sang

Each of us will soar wild

And we'll all freely say,

"Jesus loves me

This I know

For the bible

Tells me so.

He loves His children

And when we fall

Because He's with us

He loves us all!"



The perfect unity of increase and decrease; He must increase, but I must decrease. (John 3:30)

There was a platform built to stage four people to speak to the multitudes.  Each of the four carried words that represented a legion of their own kind.  Each one dressed in black  positioned with a controlled and steadfast posture waiting for the moment.  The spotlight appeared on the first (representing a legion of captains) he spoke with great boldness and declared, “the LORD said, “Indeed the people are one…” when he finished, he submitted back to his posture; not with a lazy slouch but maintaining his energy of readiness until the appointed time.  The second feeding from the first spirit (representing the legion of vision casters) spoke and declared when the spotlight appeared,and they ALL have one language!”  With soft humility she released the moment to the next, keeping her hands open ready to receive and cast.  Even though there are no words sounding, the language of their body/energy is still speaking.  The third has a strong back (representing legion of vision carriers) fearlessly declared, this is what they begin to do!”  With gentle meekness he also released the moment to the next, yet…still standing erect with his back straight keeping his energy strong.  The fourth (representing a legion of gatekeepers ) received the light as her own spirit boldly declared; “now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them!”

They all speak one language; they receive and give their spirit freely as they lovingly challenge each other to abound.  Each legion discerns with wisdom and maturity the season when to unleash their power or reserve it with authority.  One thing is for sure, together, the momentum of their power and authority is in constant motion.  Now the multitude gives them permission to influence them because they’ve received their language…mind, body, and spirit.  From that moment they ALL began building the platform higher, with ONE language to reach Zion.

-And the LORD said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.

(Genesis 11:6)

…when this happens, the only legion is babbling is the enemy…     

-        By: Covito R. Redman



300 WORDS                                                                                                                                                              20 October 2010



The spirit of pride and rebellion has camped on the north side by the hill of Moreh in the valley.  The Lord said to my spirit, “make haste and prepare for battle; the adversary approaches from the north.  During the time of preparation smite your flesh until it becomes grains of dust; for too much of you are in you.”  So in the time of fasting I prayed to the Lord to take fear and doubt from my heart and the Lord took 22,000 words of fear and doubt from my heart.  The Lord spoke and said, “There are still too many.  Go down to the river and I will test you again.”  I went down to the river with 10,000 words in my heart ready to be divided.  9,700 words were of contentment and wanted to drink the water from my knees with my left hand off my sword.  300 words urged me to drink from my right hand with my left hand on the sword.  Again I prayed and inquired of the Lord and He took 9,700 words of contentment from my heart and only 300 remained.  The Lord said, “The 300 words in your heart are from Me.  No flesh shall glory in the battle.  Do exactly what the 300 speaks and I will give you the adversary into your hands and all nations will know that I AM the Lord.


(Judges 7: 1-7)





By: Covito R. Redman




Forging the sword

"After the smith hammers all slag from the tamahagane, he heats the hard, high-carbon steel and shapes it into a long, U-shaped channel. He then hammers the tough, low-carbon steel, which he has shaped so it will make a snug fit into the channel and forges the two metals together. Both types of tamahagane are now exactly where they need to be: the hard steel forms the sword's outer shell and deadly blade, while the tough steel serves as the katana's core. This perfect balance of properties is what made the katana the samurai's most durable and prized weapon."


From rags to riches is my story.  In my youth I constantly asked the Father who will I become?  What is the purpose and destiny for my life?  Then He said to me "Come, take my hand and follow Me."  He carried me into an old warehouse.  As we entered in I saw a warring angel.  As my Lord handed me to him, He said, "do exactly what was planned."  With a gentle nod of submission the warring angel turned and placed me on a metal table, grabbed his hammer and began to beat me.  "Day and night my tears have been my food"

as I cry out to my Lord.  When I became fiery red, pride surfaced upon me.

Seized with remorse, a tender heart of repentance came over me and the warring angel dipped me in a barrel of water. As steam went up so did my praise to my Lord.  Assuming the process was complete the angel takes me out and flipped me over and began to hit me again.  To stubborn to bend, fire came upon me again and rebellion surfaced upon me and I asked the Lord to wash and cleanse me and teach me how to submit.  After I've purposed in my heart to submit, the process didn't become easier but I have understanding.

I understand that the Lord placed me with the warring angel because his character matches my own. I understand that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made for the coming battle.  I am a tool for the Lord of Host; a part of a legion that will war against the adversary.  I understand my assignment; soon I will be in the company of Nehemiah when they rebuild the city walls.

What do you understand about your process?
By: Covito R. Redman

 Inspired by: Tike Redman  



SON’S OF GOD                                                                                           17 May 2010


I have rehearsed in my own mind over and over for months of how God was going to deliver me out of the womb.  Filled with emotions of excitement I was blinded by the enemies’ silent tactic.  The serpent is very cunning and patient.  He doesn’t mind me knowing what God has purposed for my life but the serpent temps me to rehearse the details in my own heart of how, when, and where God was going to deliver His precious son’s.  Suddenly, mother earth began to shake and groan painfully because the hour has come for the birthing of son’s of God that are filled with the spirit and purity.  Discerning the atmosphere has shifted, darkness came with the shift; along side darkness, came confusion and fear.  My heart was failing me because the plans I’ve rehearsed in my heart has changed and that understanding became the hands of the enemy around my neck.  It is not God’s plan for the enemy to take me out, but it is God’s plan for His son’s to apostolically adapt to the change; to tear down the plans of men and build a mind of apostolic adaptation.


            The foundation of mother earth has to split open in order to release the son’s of God.  Nobody knows the timing of God’s plan except the one He whispers to with child.  Now all creation rejoices for the delivery of God’s son’s filled with the spirit and purity.  The Lords breast is gorged with heavens resources for His son’s; it will over take us.  When we nurse from Him, heavens resources are within us.  Filled with his favor, the son’s of God were born and equipped to change the world into heaven’s Kingdom. 



                                By: Micaiah Levi Redman


Life Changing Worship Experience

Life changing worship experience                                                                                                                                                         10 May 2010


Understanding the worship culture as glory carriers


Where do we begin as a team leading the masses into life changing worship?  We have a tremendous opportunity to become the Lord’s electrical current flow for descending in and through us to sustain an atmosphere conducive to alter the lives of His people.  Altering; allowing God to cut back or add to; to be fitted for Kingdom building with total freedom of expression and abandonment.


            Where do we begin?  David spiritually tabernacled the Lord within himself long before the physical manifestation entered the city.  David began to worship in the lonely places.  Crying out how much he needed Him and appreciated Him; writing poems and songs of admiration from his innocent spirit.  As leaders of the worship experience our individual worship with abandonment in the lonely places conditions our well being (wellness: mind, body, spirit, intellect) not only to visit that place with God, but reside there as He alters our lives first.  In that spiritual environment the pureness of our creativity emerges from such a place with Him.  When we worship with the Lord all week long, “practice or rehearsal” becomes a powerful worship experience that strengthens the team as we merge (unify) our creativity from the Lord with each other.  God teaches us to hear His voice together, flow together, and express the diversity of worship TOGETHER. 


            “Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight…Lev. 26:” The enemy will have no room in our environment of worship.  Ministering angels will push back the darkness of principalities and strongholds and minister to God’s people with gifts of healing, restoration, passion, direction, and purpose.  The road map to purpose and destiny becomes clearer as the heart understands the instructions of God from His messenger.  During the message, the worshippers remain in a steadfast posture of worship.  This position increases the hunger of the congregation for God to act; that demands the anointing from the messenger to be pulled without effort to war in the spirit. (Matthew 9:19-22)



The worship experience challenges and changes the mind, body, and spirit; an intimate place where God comes and undresses Himself to show us mysteries of the kingdom.  It is a place where He instructs us to take off our sandals because this is Holy ground; a place where He takes our feet and washes them clean from the journey we used to walk and directs us on the road to fulfill destiny.  That’s when the experience of worship becomes LIFE. (John 13:3-5)



                                    By: Covito Redman





THE VOICES OF EZEKIEL                                    17 March 2010               

"The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out into the spirit...”  I found myself worshipping with kings that look like trees.  In the spirit the Lord revealed to me bones inside these great kings.  Suddenly, there was a rattling, shaking, and quaking that hit the earth so hard every nation had to respond (naturally and spiritually).  I said to my Lord, "who prophesied to align these bones?"  Then the Lord said, "All of creation groaned painfully and prophesied to these bones and caused the quake to align them all over the earth because my people have slept.  A son dressed in white with a ring on his right hand with twelve stones inside the ring heard them from your particular region."  The Lord went on to say..."These bones are visions inside the kings that are trees in the spirit that brought little or no fruit and lost hope.  But now the hour is coming and now is that these bones shall live and I will put sinews on them.  The son of man from your region dressed in white with the twelve stones inside the ring declared and decreed "ruah" into these bones. After they have been aligned that they may breathe new air and live.  The four winds still blow the breath of life… arise sons of God and finish building what I’ve shown you inside these kings!"



My Brothers and Me


My Brothers and Me                                                                   21 January 2010



Just as our Father “The Chief Corner Stone”, they rejected us and cast us in the water brook.  We believed them when they told us that we didn’t fit into what the world was building.  They told us that we looked and acted apart from the norm.  So there we are, the five of us in the water brook floor coping with the pain of rejection.  As we are huddled together praying for guidance and direction we heard a gentle but powerful voice say “I AM here, don’t rush out of this place of preparation…Just wait on Me.”  After we heard Him, our eyes opened and saw His presence all around us.  We understood His presence and comfort had been there since we’ve been in the water brook and our hearts were at peace.  Years and seasons went by and there we stood, still huddled together but our countenance changed from the inside out. Every rough spot was made smooth by Him who sheltered and trained us.  We discerned our time of preparation coming to an end as we wait just a little while longer to be released to fulfill our destiny.  Suddenly, we saw feet like the Son of Man walking in the water brook as if he was looking for something.  One at a time he grabbed each one of us.  Lastly, I was picked up and found myself in a small shepherd’s bag with the rest of my brothers.  Filled with excitement and anticipation we knew this is our moment to fulfill destiny.  We heard thunderous sounds of yelling and cheering all around us as we felt the son of man running.  Daylight shown from the top of the shepherd’s bag and a hand grabbed me and placed me in a sling.  With one strong throw towards this giant I felt no fear in my heart.  The way I was made in diameter in the water brook made the accuracy from the son of man’s throw perfect… by FAITH I believe we can conquer this giant the world has built. (1 Samuel 17:40)



I didn’t know my brothers and I would be in a Holy book that last for thousands of years; I didn’t know God had this in mind when he made us; I didn’t know the world would shift when I’m propelled towards destiny!



-           By: Covito R. Redman






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